Garments that T W Hiddleston should wear more often

3. The Navy 3 Piece Suit. Because the options are endless. Well cut suit, impeccably tailored to fit that particular body. Wear all three pieces, with the trademarked snowy white Hiddleshirt, and he’s a man on the move, a mover, a shaker (of hips).

Remove the jacket, and you still have an impeccably dressed man - albeit more approachable. Highlighting his particular brand of lean-ness and that daring flash of colour in the burgundy back, but still 100% professional.

Remove the tie, and unbutton the shirt (you do unbutton a shirt quite well, it must be said), and you’ve got a look redolent of “I’ve been out all night but I’m still as fresh as a daisy” (How does he keep that shirt crisp and white?). Take away the jacket, and the tie, and it becomes all about the man inside. And his subtle photobomber behind.

However you take your three piece suit, sir, me gusta.